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Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Round-up

*Auuugh* ! This is the second time I am writing this post. I had almost completed my previous post and then I erroneously closed the browser window. Boom. Now I know why Gmail's auto-save to the draft folder is so useful.

2005 is almost done. I thought it would be nice to do a quick roundup of the various opinions we posted, incase you missed any. Thanks to all the readers who have sent emails to us - we had a lot of fun voicing our opinion and it good to hear that you had fun reading too.

So here is the Round-up:

Technology Related (oldest to newest)

  1. All my excitement about AJAX - we talk about how AJAX may change the way we look as web based UI as well as how it may challenge desktop business as we know today (including an argument with a good buddy of mine, who happens to work at Microsoft as a Product Manager)

  2. Who makes money when consumers demand 'Free' (as in beer, not freedom) - with all the voice providers desperately trying to reduce per minute costs, are customer expectations unrealistic ? How will these providers survive ?

  3. Hooplah about the Sony DRM EULA - a note on the rootkit mess that Sony got itself into late this year

  4. Is IMS for Real? - An insight into whether IMS is really so radically new or is it just a new cover to protect old investments of carriers ?

  5. UMA vs SIP - does UMA have a future ? - Is UMA a short-term hack, will it co-exist with end-end SIP IMS solutions ?

  6. IPTV: A case of sum of parts - An analysis of the IPTV market space, the motivations and the players.

  7. Fear of Convergence- How is the landscape changing with covergence ? Do you need to be happy or fear this disruptive change ? You think your business is safe ? Maybe not.

  8. Call 2.0? - Are we ready to move to a world where protocol does not matter and it's all about a global service architecture ?

  9. Citizen's Media - a business opportunity - a take on the new market segment of Citizen's Media - what it means and what it takes to be a player.

  10. The painful evolution of SIP - an infrastructure developer's view of the promises that SIP made and the direction it is headed

  11. Teenage Years are never easy - an application developer's response to the painful evolution of SIP

Red Tie Yapping (oldest to newest)

  1. Customer Etiquette in the US (for onsite meetings) - what customers in the US expect in business meetings and what you should/should not do.

  2. Managing Your Peers - is much harder than you think. Just like you manage your team, you also need to effectively work with your peers for a comfortable work environment.

  3. Being a Good Manager - how do you lead a team that is motivated and respects you as a leader ?

  4. Ozzie Speak:Discover,Learn,Try,Buy,Recommend - An analysis of the internal microsoft memo by Ray Ozzie to the executive team and his direct reportees and how we think it maps well to real life product evolution.

  5. Surviving the Corporate Battlefield - It's not enough being a Genius - An article on what it takes to keep on top.

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