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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Cisco finally takes a SIP

This is news I have been eagerly waiting for. Cisco finally announced that they would go native SIP. This is great news for the VOIP industry as a whole.

There was nothing wrong with the “old” CallManager. I have a lot of respect for that product and the team that built it. It was a successful acquisition. However, they made a strategic error in ignoring SIP for this long since it implicitly cast doubt on the role of SIP for enterprise communications.

No more.

It gets even more interesting. The following items seems to demonstrate the seriousness with which Cisco seems to back SIP:

  • They are releasing a presence server that aggregates presence information in
    the corporate network.

  • Cisco SRST now supports SIP which takes care of availability issues for security and high

  • They announced a certification program called “SIP Verified” which allows third
    party devices to interoperate with CallManager.

Cisco also announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate CallManager with LCS. I am not really sure what this means? If you are deploying CallManager with Presence, pray, why do you need LCS? Yes, asking the question the other way is equally valid… the elephants continue to dance…

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