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Monday, April 24, 2006

UN-Geekification (or the transition from hands-on to hands-off)

A good friend of mine made this hilarous statement: (he was referring to his corporate climb, where he recently (8 months ago) progressed from being a key architect to a ‘upper strata persona’.
….I mean, I am wearing blue shirts and black pants to work for the past !@#$ing 8 months and all that people talk to me about is c++ !!

I guess it is time to get Un-geekified !

When is your un-geekification process complete ?
  • When you can spend an entire day at office doing nothing but hitting ‘refresh’ in your inbox every 5 minutes
  • When you can successfully attend every meeting and summarize your key action as “As I understand it, I will ensure that my people will talk to your people”
  • When instead of saying “No, my product does not do this feature”, your natural reaction leads you to say “Based on my current understanding, which I will run by my core team, I believe this feature is part of an enhacement package for which we can positively work with you for a mutually exciting roadmap as part of our professional services initiative, assuming that this feature introduction is benefitial to both parties in a win-win environment”
  • When, in response to a direct question from an engineer “What do you exactly do?”, the only answer you have is a deep sigh and a shake of the head saying “Too much…. Young urchin ! too much ! I hope you are never in my shoes….” As you race off somewhere else.
  • When, if someone asks you a remotely technical question, your eyes glaze right through him, like he never existed.
  • And finally, when you call your ‘IT’ department, complaining that your mouse and keyboard no longer work, and the support rep. comes in and plugs them back into the usb ports, because a while ago, you yanked it out with your pot-belly as you tried to get out of your chair.

    Welcome to the world of Un-geeks.

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  1. Awesome :) Just spread the link to my colleagues :)