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Thursday, September 21, 2006

From My Heart To Yours

This is not a post about management or technology, but something of utmost importance to us technologists. Do you like solving big problems? Read on...

SAHC, an exciting non-profit got started by the Bay Area El Camino Hospital, South Asian physicians, specialists, and generous donors. I am pleased to let you know that the center is out of its pilot phase and is now open. There was a well attended opening ceremony yesterday with a who's-who in the South Asian community making their pitch for getting screened.

I want to do my part and share my experience with you: A few years back, on a plane ride to India, I read an interesting piece in India Today where there was preliminary research being done in Singapore, London, and Chicago (Dr. Enas Enas) on a genetic anomaly with South Asians that increased their chances of fatal heart attacks by 400%. Kaiser was also noticing an abnormal number of fatal heart attacks in the Indian community in the Bay Area.

I kept track of these events, learned of SAHC, and got screened a few months back confirming a few early markers. Once this was confirmed, a case worker was assigned to me and the SAHC hooked up with my primary care physician. They also sponsored a free fitness instructor at the YMCA and assigned a nutrionist to work with Meera and me on diet choices. Thankfully, I can postpone getting on drugs for a little bit more. Best of all, the service was all free and Aetna picked up a significant portion of the advanced lipid tests. I spent $69 in total for such world class service.

My long blog is to convince each and every one of you South Asians to get screened at This epidemic is real and will likely you. It does not matter if you are:

* Working out
* Rich
* Vegetarian
* Thin
* Stress Free
* Have had no other complications
* Have borderline cholesterol readings
* Are a woman

Please make time to sign up and get tested. Look at all the positives you will get by simply signing up:

* You contribute to some very cutting edge research that will save the lives of many of your friends and millions of South Asians. By 2010, India will have 60% of the CAD world burden. The median age of a South Asia CAD victim is fast dropping to the late 30s/early 40s.

* You will be in control of events in the eventuality of a cardiac event or a stroke. You will be armed with all the relevant information. You risk is already two times the US national average based on existing data. You risk increases 4-8 times if you have adopted a western lifestyle, smoke, or drink.

* A majority of South Asians in the US are just beginning to enter the danger zone. 5% of all ER cardiac events in the Bay Area are due to South Asians. You could be next! Act now!

* With changed lifestyle choices, you will indirectly contribute to combating childhood obesity/diabetes in the community and give our children a better future!

Please do sign up.

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