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Friday, February 9, 2007

Piping Hot: Are VoIP bloggers really original?

Are VoIP/Convergence/Telecom/SIP bloggers really original or do they just keep picking up posts from each other?

Let's have some fun. I wrote up a Yahoo Pipe (What?? you don't know what they are??) that compares the feeds from:
      Then filter them for voip/convergence related posts, then selects only those that after analysis seem unique, sorts 'em and then creates a new feed just for you.
      Check it out here and see what happens when the above four blogs are put to the 'copycat' test :-)
      I applaud the Yahoo team for coming out with such a great tool to let users apply diverse data into a personalized flow. Raw Data becomes useful information, only when you provide the right means to personalize them.
      (Disclaimer: This post is just an excuse for me to test Yahoo Pipes - a very very nice new concept in personalized aggregation. It is not really meant to discover if we are all original or not - so don't complain if you think the algorithm for originality is rubbish!)
      For a more serious example of how it helps, remember my earlier post where I was complaining that the new blogger beta was sorting feed by update date not published date, and this resulted in old posts showing up for all my readers even if I fixed a typo? Yahoo Pipes solves it so simply - all I had to do was create a new pipe with a 'fetch' for my blogger feed and then sort it by published date and then export that feed to my feedburner input. Simple huh ?
      Or, take another little more complicate example, where in addition to providing site feed, I show how to also add another feed attribute which shows who all links to each post.
      Note: Yahoo Pipes is very slow after launch. Yahoo says too many people are overloading it - they hope to get better in a few days, so if you see no output of my pipe, run it again !


      1. hey Cooperate Rat...

        small suggestion: when we receive new post notices; then it'll be gr8 if subject line of msg shows "title of post" instead of "Corporate Rat & Elusive Cheese"; the "Corporate Rat & Elusive Cheese" tagline is already there in the sender field of msg...

        also, if u cud have a option to just include the whole post in the email....

        apart frm that really 'preciate ur independant mindedness & posts... and keep posting man.


      2. Thanks N,
        1. I agree the email subject should be the title of the post. Unfortunately, that is how feedburner (the service I use) works. I have requested them to fix it, but unless they do, I am bound by their output.

        2. As far as post is concerned, I actually want the readers to visit my site (google ad revenue ;-).

        thanks for writing in and appreciate your suggestions.

      3. hey Arjun;

        Compliments again on great post abt yahoo pipes.

        Also, 'preciate the candid reply- had not noticed adwords on ur page-- and the possibility abt u having adwords revenue concern had slipped my mind.

        Had always thought that Sheikhs, Sultans and Corporates tend to depend on a strongly authoritarian approach rather than democratic things like click-thru revenue.

        Infact; this has inspired even me to start a blog...

        there's a specific post there that extends ur iPhone-review post which you may find of specific interest.

        Please do grace my blog with your comments-- and if u find it worthwhile, link to it too.


      4. Well friend, With Yahoo Pipes, which is in beta, the company is trying to give developers--and tech-savvy users--more power in combining structured data feeds, typically done through the Really Simple Syndication or Atom protocols.

        Although the service currently works only with RSS and Atom feeds, Yahoo intends to expand the number of data sources with which people can work. It also plans to allow third parties to create add-on modules and to expand the service's information output composition to include formats such as maps.

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