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Thursday, August 2, 2007

When have you just about had enough with the 'Always on' Blackberry?

When do you know you have had enough of ‘always connected Blackberry’ ?

  • When your blinking of the eye matches the rate of the red LED blinking of your Blackberry

  • When you wake up at 2AM to drink water, check your emails instead, then go back to sleep wondering why you are still thirsty

  • When your hand automatically reaches down to your holster because it ‘vibrated’ only to find your phone is in your pocket, or worse, not even with you

  • When you promise your wife not to sit with the laptop all the time only to scroll through your blackberry hidden on the other side of the couch

  • When you like to keep holding your phone because of its ‘warmth’

  • When you make it a point, while traveling, to smile at someone else using a blackberry and then take yours out for a second, polish it an place it back thinking this is some sort of camaraderie of blackberry users

  • When you have spent more money buying ‘screen protectors’, ‘glass replacement screens’, ‘skintight covers’ and other gadgets as compared to the cost of the phone itself

  • When you get withdrawal symptoms if the red ‘new mail’ LED does not start flashing every two minutes

  • When you find yourself opting for a $400 a month blackberry plan which includes unlimited data, unlimited roaming, gazillion calling minutes, ‘just in case you are in the middle of tanganikya and need to make a call home’

  • When you keep checking what is your current GPS location (you know, in the new 8800 series), even though you are sitting in your OWN friggin’ house on your own friggin’ recliner

  • When you loctite glue your blackberry holder clip to your belt, so you never forget to ‘latch on’

  • When your pastime involves how smoothly you can maneuver the ‘pearl’ so that the cursor moves in a nice circle around your icons (applicable only to pearl users)

  • When you own a wall socket charger, a USB charger and a hand-cranked charger for your blackberry to make sure it never runs out of juice

  • When you have downloaded Yahoo Go!, Google Mobile, BBMaps, Telenav, WayFinder and other local search and/or GPS apps and use them ALL for every search, just to see which is better for this particular query

  • When you insist on posting notes/messages from your Blackberry even though you are in front of a computer, because the “Sent via BlackBerry® from Cingular Wireless®” tagline at the end of you message makes you feel sophisticated.

And you think adding ‘Presence’ to such devices will be a success in the consumer market! Ha. Bite me.

(Sent via BlackBerry® from Cingular Wireless®)

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  1. This looks good. This is not true only for Blackberry. In my current state of using E61i and more demanded by job, many of the above patterns already, unconsiously, part of life. Thanks for making me aware through this good blog.