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Monday, February 11, 2008

A call to report: VoIP 'geek-talk' blogs

Update: I have now created a sidebar widget titled "Tech Blogs I read" instead of updating this post. Please continue sending me quality tech blogs (with more focus on concepts and less on marketing) as you come across them and refer to the sidebar for updates and not this post - thx.

Total number of 'market reporting' VoIP blogs = k+1

where k=number of times you can blink in a day.

However, there are very few blogs that talk about more technology & architecture details and less market details for all things VoIP, SIP, IMS, web 2.0 (with focus on telecom).

So here is a call to unite!

We need a list of what I call 'geek-talk' - those that provide more technical insight into how things are.

Here is my list so far. Please update me /comment here with more tech-blogs and I will update this list

Many of these blogs are a mix of techno-marketing, but are written by people who are neck-deep in actually developing/architecting many of the talked about solutions themselves, and hence offer a more detailed insight.

last updated: Apr-30-2008

  1. TurnGeek - focus on P2P, SBC, etc.

  2. IMS Lantern - IMS architecture related

  3. Voice of VoIPSA - VoIP Security

  4. IMS Quality - Testing and Monitoring with focus on IMS

  5. VoIP Survivor - general voip, with significant focus on their company products

  6. TelCAB - IMS B/OSS

  7. iConverged - this blog


  1. At RADVISION we've started blogging. We discuss the market, but from a technical point of view (at least in the current blogs we have).
    There are more to come as well.

  2. Thanks for the listing (telcab). I also follow this blog:

  3. (sorry for the double post), but maybe this blog should be added as well:

  4. @Frens - thanks. I've created a sidebar widget with the updated list.

  5. Hi Arjun,

    I don't have your e-mail address, so I just have to communicate this way ;). I just wanted to let you know that I've moved my blog to:

    Best regards, Frens

  6. Cool. Thanks Frens - updated. Sorry for the delay - still on international travel :-)
    My email handle is arjunrc (google email)