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Friday, February 8, 2008

Concept: telcoAJAX - making AJAX libraries telco aware


I recently wrote a paper that investigates how SDP vendors can provide AJAX based telco-aware libraries and mechanisms to interface these libraries with existing telecom application servers. I personally believe that this is a gaping hole in the market. While AJAX libraries have evolved significantly, no one is currently working on adding functionality that makes it telecom aware (in terms of understanding what UI, actions, events are typically associated with telco services) thereby making t he job much harder on developers who are trying to grapple with what it really means to "web 2.0" their SIP call control app.


With the increasing acceptance of AJAX as a mechanism to deliver real-time user experiences without the need of proprietary local clients and the increasing demand from consumers to have a better user experience with more features, both the Telecom and the Internet world are looking at means to be able to converge their offerings. However, being able to provide converged services is a challenge largely due to the fact that Telecom players already have existing applications they would like to monetize in addition to having limited know-how of Web 2.0 related technologies, whereas the Internet players, while proficient in Web 2.0 technologies have limited understanding of wireline and wireless networks to be able to offer ubiquitous service access. The author believes that middleware SDP providers can help bridge this gap and provide “convergence” building blocks that would allow developers on both sides of the world develop functionality, or integrate existing functionality with ease. Specifically, this paper, proposes the concept of “TelcoAJAX” – a set of building blocks that are aware of telecom primitives and how to represent and interact with users using a browser interface which developers can implement on top of SIP/Presence based applications.

You can download it from here.

(Search for paper titled "A Concept Approach at bringing Legacy Telecom Application Servers to Web 2.0")

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  1. Arjun, this is a very interesting concept. I think the telco libraries are an excellent way to help developers. I'd be very interested in working with you on this - have sent a private email