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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dip in VON == Rise in Deployments?

For those who attended VON spring, it is likely that they thought it was particularly low key in terms of attendance. I was there, both at the main event and the unconference (which was interesting, especially with Ken's 'online' proposal to his partner Sheryl which was covered using Qik, a company started by Ramu Sunkara - ex head of RTC @ Oracle & a really inspirational guy. Congrats Ken & Sheryl, glad we finally met after reading each other's blog for a long time - you make a great couple).

But I digress. Back to VON San Jose. The Boston and San Jose VONs have always been very well attended. So I was surprised seeing the attendance. But then again, I thought, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. And maybe it is also a testament to how well VON has actually worked.

The 'Hype' of many technologies like IMS, WiMAX etc. have passed. If you look at the typical exhibitor space of VON, they are OEMs. OEMs build products before they get deployed. They need to publicize. They need to excite people. And that is exactly where VON helps them. When technology is 'new', you need forums like VON to spread the word. When technology gets into deployment, people are too busy deploying to actually attend shows and talk about them. This is when the 'money gets real'. The hooplah is over. And this is exactly in line with what I am seeing in the market. I had posted earlier that we have started seeing a significant rise in people deploying applications over IMS, or, deploying IMS and they are paying money for it (not the build and we will see story).

Monday, March 10, 2008

We have SIP working on android!

Final update: For folks who are still reaching this post via searches, the [SIPDroid] project took our initial work and have extended it for a full featured application. Instead of downloading our stuff, check them out - their work will be more recent. We (HSC) are not updating our files.

Update: April 2 2008: Source code of stack released here


Update: Mar 17 2008

See here for a screencast :-)

Update: Mar 12 2008

Some other sites linking here seem to be reporting this news with their own verbiage. Lets be specific on what we are doing:

  • We have taken the GPL'd mjsip SIP stack and our objective is to make it work on android (this is mostly a porting activity). We are not writing our own stack.

  • We are not doing any optimizations, etc. The scope is exactly what I wrote - make mjsip work on android, so developers can use the mjsip APIs to build apps in android.

  • It is a very straighforward 'take from community (GPL/mjsip), give back to community (post ported code back to GPL/mjsip)' activity.

  • We are targetting to release the port in a week or so... (as-is - as I mentioned the objective is straighforward -a port of mjsip - if it has bugs when you do funky stuff , fix it yourself when we release it :-) )

We (my company) had started an internal project to get SIP working on Android and some smart folks belted out some nifty code to get SIP working on android. We hope to release the ported SIP stack on android pretty soon. We used the GPL'd mjSIP stack and will be releasing the modifications as per GPL, obviously - so other developers have a good SIP API to build apps. This should happen pretty soon. Some time ago, we did a rss-to-presence implementation stub (concept here) over Google Mashup editor. I look forward to seeing the "google-phone" talk SIP to the "google-server" and other cool stuff.

Stay tuned!