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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SIP UA for Android (+stack + RTP) released

Update: Nov-20-2008: Updated SDK + UA for 1.0 SDK released here. Also released jSTUN port for android here.

Hi folks, as promised, HSC released the ported SIP UA including the stack. This is an update to our previous 'stack only' release. We have overwritten the old release with this new one in our download area. You can get it from here (look for the post titled "SIP UA + Stack for Google Android).

This release includes a short illustrative manual on how to use the SIP client and some things you need to do to configure it (mostly because of the limitation of the android emulator and what it does(not) support as of the current date). We have also included a ported RTP stack with this release. Theoretically, this release is all set for a signalling + media use case. I say theoretically, because it seems the android emulator does not support audio capture, so everytime one tries to start a media conversation, the emulator crashes. Folks @ the android-dev group have confirmed this is currently not supported in the emulator (but works on their actual phone).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Microsoft Popfly - Yahoo! Pipes meets Facebook and Google Mashups

I had the opportunity to do a sneak preview of Microsoft's popfly mashup platform a few months ago. Based on the quick look, at that point of time, it was just a prettier looking  version of Yahoo! Pipes. However, another peek a few months later and I am much more impressed. I must admit that till now, of all the mashup editors I have evaluated, Google Mashup Editor has been my favorite. And that was because I truly feel powerful mashups which are globally useful will be written by developers, not my grandmom, so the interface need to provide more powers and not just pretty 'connectors'.

I must admit, Popfly on second look has good potential.

So here is my quick analysis of why I think it is like Pipes, like GME, like Facebook and somewhat different. In other words, I think Microsoft has been watching how the others do it, and picked some good features from all, along with some very irritating ones.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

(Offtopic): From Blogger to - what a bummer and I am to blame

11.jpg You know, one would think a person interested in technology always would do his research before adoption. Well, in my case, my heart always conflicts with my mind. Consider my sudden move from blogger to It went sort of like this "oh cool, there are some neat templates, I'm bored of blogger, so let me migrate". I know, it was a ridiculous reason. I did not research's limitations. After migration, I realized:

  1. No google-ads allowed. Darn. I had just about started to see a reasonable return on my old blog

  2. The import tool imported the articles alright but did not import images - they kept the blogger URLs. Once I removed my blogger blog, several of the images disappeared. My guess is others will disappear over time

  3. No detailed stats.'s own stats is very limited. Statcounter was far superior, but since I can't plug in JS code, statcounter works with wordpress, but cannot show referrer stats

  4. No linkage to analytics.

  5. No customizations to CSS unless I buy it.

  6. Article URLs were not rewritten - so if you go to my yearly roundups (which I forgot to do for 2007), they will all point to my URLs which don't exist.

Like I said, a badly researched option for me. Guess I deserve it. Can't blame at all. Gee, maybe I'll migrate back and pain my readers to re-do their entire subscriptions etc. Or maybe I'll just stick to this limited functionality. Gee.

On the plus side, I think Akismet rocks. It's a godsend for spam.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mjsip SIP stack port for Google Android released

Update: Apr 29 2008: UA+Stack code released here

Hey folks, HSC released the android ported mjsip stack source code.

Grab it from here. Look for the attachment to the post titled "Ported GNU Mjsip stack for Google Android"

If you see a "PDF" icon under that post, don't worry, its actually a ZIP with source in it. Our website folks will fix that annoyance soon.

Note that this is a "developer's release". It will allow you to start building applications using the mjsip stack on android. It's not an "automatic solution for long distance calling" (as some blogs reported it) - it is a tool for developers within you to make such applications.

We also have a working SIP UA we ported on top of this stack (which we called 'SIPDroid' - no points for being imaginative here). We are yet to release that port - will do so in a short while.

Note that this is just a SIP stack. There is no RTP included. We did some initial experiments with porting open source RTP stacks - seems very simple. We may just do it later, or you do it and add to this effort :-)