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Thursday, April 3, 2008

(Offtopic): From Blogger to - what a bummer and I am to blame

11.jpg You know, one would think a person interested in technology always would do his research before adoption. Well, in my case, my heart always conflicts with my mind. Consider my sudden move from blogger to It went sort of like this "oh cool, there are some neat templates, I'm bored of blogger, so let me migrate". I know, it was a ridiculous reason. I did not research's limitations. After migration, I realized:

  1. No google-ads allowed. Darn. I had just about started to see a reasonable return on my old blog

  2. The import tool imported the articles alright but did not import images - they kept the blogger URLs. Once I removed my blogger blog, several of the images disappeared. My guess is others will disappear over time

  3. No detailed stats.'s own stats is very limited. Statcounter was far superior, but since I can't plug in JS code, statcounter works with wordpress, but cannot show referrer stats

  4. No linkage to analytics.

  5. No customizations to CSS unless I buy it.

  6. Article URLs were not rewritten - so if you go to my yearly roundups (which I forgot to do for 2007), they will all point to my URLs which don't exist.

Like I said, a badly researched option for me. Guess I deserve it. Can't blame at all. Gee, maybe I'll migrate back and pain my readers to re-do their entire subscriptions etc. Or maybe I'll just stick to this limited functionality. Gee.

On the plus side, I think Akismet rocks. It's a godsend for spam.


  1. Wordpress free blogs are quite limited. But once you take your own domain with wordpress installation, I suppose most or all of these limitations would vanish.. why dont u try that? :)

  2. and for stats - you can still add the stats counter (of course if you have ur own domain) :P. Otherwise there are stats plugins. Plus I believe, the 2.5 version has some great features.

  3. Yes, thanks.
    At least to begin with, I just associated to this blog. The old links will work too, but now that I have generalized it, I can migrate to a hosted blog without messing up links :-).

  4. I switched over to a hosted wordpress blog yesterday. I went with "A Small Orange" - great packages and super customer support. I must say that is a whole new ballgame. I am really very impressed, and am glad I moved from blogger to wordress(.org). Am I fickle minded or am I fickle minded ?


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