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Monday, March 9, 2009

IMS UA for Android

Hi folks, as promised (over and over earlier ;-) we finally have an initial version of the IMS UA ready for download. The IMS system we used was Open IMS

Grab the IMS UA code from the HSC Open Source webpage here

(look for IMS UA for Google Android Entry)

The test bed looked like this:


  • IMS Sipdroid was tested with a SIPp script for PRACK functionality. Other available IMS clients did not support PRACK functionality.

  • PRACK support is implemented for the client side. When the client initiates a call and receives 1xx response with Require: 100rel as header, it will respondwith PRACK. However in case client receives INVITE with Supported:100rel header, it will respond with 180 Ringing without Require: 100relheader.

Usual Disclaimers:

  • If something is broken, fix it

  • We will try to answer your queries if you are facing problems, but there is no guarantee of timeframes (really, we'd just prefer you debug it yourselves)

  • Please don't ask us for timeframes on what is coming next. It may be tomorrow, it may be next year.


  1. Hello,

    If you search for an IMS Client that support PRACK, why don't you try the following clients ?
    - UCT IMS Client (
    - Mercuro IMS Client (
    - IMS Communicator (

    There are known to support PRACK and some of them also support the QoS pre-conditions.

    Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

  2. Hi Laurent
    We have tested the client with ims communicator and Mercuro. 1xx response
    received from these clients do not include "Require: 100rel" header
    which is needed to initiate PRACK. Currently "Supported: 100rel" is
    supported in the initial request. This is to allow the call to go through
    even if the UAS does not support reliable responses. When we tested with
    header "Require: 100rel", IMS communicator responded with 1xx without Require header and Mercuro (Bronze) responded with 420 Bad Extension.

  3. Hi,

    Just wanna ask you if you are able to REGISTER (using AKAv1) with the openimscore?

    and if so, say if my P-CSCF address is,

    then can i just type in this hostname as the Proxy Address or do I need to type in the exact IP address of my P-CSCF address? that is, is there an hostname to ipaddress resolution in the program?

    Many Thanks!


  4. @JoeTeo - we only tested with MD5.

    CSCF address can be the hostname provided the DNS is able to recognise it. In case there is no DNS mapping for the hostname, the exact IP address would need to be mentioned.

  5. We have found a bug and made a fix in Mercuro Bronze, so PRACK support should be ok now. Can you have a look ?

  6. Hi Laurent,
    I tried the latest mercuro client (4.0.1245). It does not respond with 200OK on receiving PRACK. Please let me know if I used the right version.

  7. Hello,

    This is strange, as the PRACK support is present since 4.0.1236. Can you send us the network traces to "tech dot mercuro at inexbee dot com" for analysis ?

    Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

  8. @Laurent, have you tried downloading our test client and testing your version against Open IMS and our client ? Does it work?

  9. Hi Arjun,

    I tested the source codes with an ADP1 phone but it seems after the OpenIMSCore response with "401 Challenging the UE", then it didn't follow up and it just kept sending the REGISTER attempt again for 3 times. I took a look in the and in the onReceivedMessage() method, after receiving the 401 message, it doesn't seems to follow up to return the challenge to the IMS Core for the REGISTRATION...

    May i asked if this part has been implemented (i.e. the returning of the authorization parameters, e.g. user name, password, nonce etc..)


  10. Hello,

    I´ve got a testbed with OpenIMSCore and SipDroid (running in Android-Emulator). I cannot REGISTER the SipDroid. Is anybody able to register?????

  11. hello, now i'm looking for a good IMS client for Android 4.X, if anybody know, please write the download link

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