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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google Chrome OS: Vaporware and really, let

So yesterday, Google finally announced it is getting into the “OS” business with Chrome OS.

Similar to Google Wave, this one is also just an announcement (gee, it doesn’t even have a front page yet ;-) )

But anyway, here are my predictions on where this will go:

  • The core OS will continue to be Linux based, with a Webkit layer built into the kernel, or, more likely, a priviledged layer (thus making “reaching to the web quicker” as google suggests) [okay, my bad, I did not need to predict this - I re-read their post - they already state "Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel"...]

  • Even though Google says this is different from the Android initiative, and choice is good, from my perspective, Android is an SDK, while Chrome OS is an “OS”. The former can, and will, eventually ride on top of Chrome OS (in other words, Android SDK will be ported to Chrome OS, which itself will be based on linux) - thereby making Android apps more ubiqutous

  • Android will be just one SDK on top of Chrome. Others will be available for environments where Android may not be ready yet (again, the OS vs SDK difference)

  • Palm’s WebOS took the earlystep, though not from a general purpose WebOS way, more from mobile WebOS way. There is no question now “Web” close to kernel is going to be a common way ahead for may of these companies.

  • Eventually, they will integrate an HTML/CSS/JS programming interface on top that Chrome will execute natively (or, well, faster)

  • The usual tools like Google Gears et all will obviously be tightly integrated into their OS layer


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