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Thursday, July 15, 2010

ios 4.0.1: Seems to (partially) fix the irritating proximity sensor bug

(Update July 16: Nope. Better, but still messed up. See update below)

So I just patched my iphone 4 with ios 4.0.1. While consumers, and specifically tech sites were going nuts about the reception, I just installed the bumper and it fixed the problem for me. That was pretty much a non issue with me post the bumper.

The one issue that really bugged me was the buggy proximity sensor. Every time I put the phone to my ear, with a bit of movement, I would either mute the call or add another line. Most irritating. My initial tests seem to indicate that ios 4.0.1 fixes this nuisance. I certainly hope that is true as I continue to use it. I've been reading others say it does not fix it, but I tried 3-4 calls now and I did not experience that issue. But time will tell.

I don't really care if they increased the bar size, decreased the bar count and what not.

What do you feel? Did 4.0.1 fix the proximity sensor bug?

Update: July 16:

No, 4.0.1 does not completely fix this. It seems to certainly be better, but I can't say its completely fixed. I've made several calls now and I've managed to:

a) Start Facetime by mistake

b) Put a call on mute

without my doing anything out of the normal (sitting on my chair, talking to a colleague over the phone)

Fortunately, Jobs publicly announced the proximity sensor fix in the next release. I look forward to it, and a refund on my bumper.

And the apple antenna page is cool too.