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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tutorial: iPhone Game Programming- professional Bricks (Part III)

Click here for Part I

Click here for Part II

In Part II, we dove in to the implementation of pretty much every function except the core gameplaying logic. This part will now discuss the implementation of the core game playing logic and how I handle touch detections.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tutorial: iPhone Game Programming- professional Bricks (Part II)

Click here for Part I

Click here for Part III

In Part I, we discussed the approach to implement a professional looking Bricks game for the iphone. We also described the basic design approach and broke down the header file in detail so you get an idea of how things will be. This part will now discuss the implementation. Before we do that, here is the video again of what we are implementing.

As I wrote earlier, this being a pretty small game, the entire logic is stuff into BricksViewController.m. Let's first take a look at it in totality and then I'll proceed to break it up. Click on the "show source" box below to expand it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tutorial: iPhone Game Programming- professional Bricks (Part I)

(Read Part II here)

Bricks - my all time favorite game (just after Tetris). So this post is a tutorial on how to write your own 'bricks' for iphone


What's a game tutorial that:

a) Does not look professional?

b) Does not have multiple levels?

c) Does not have ghastly sound effects?

d) Does not have explosions?

e) Does not have  missiles?

f) Does not have a "Hack Mode"? (w00t)

Before we get anywhere, lets take a look at what we will be building. Its a 3:30 min video which I strongly recommend you see first so you can related explanations easier. (And also, it took me all of 10 minutes to create it, so you better spend 3:30 admiring it :-D)

History & Disclaimer

I am by no means an iPhone developer. Actually, I am by no means a developer. While I've been involved in technology very deeply, my work does not require me to code, and so, I've mostly been out of coding for the past 12 years (with the exception of the occasional perl coding for personal projects).  But there is just too much going on in the mobile space for me not to get my hands dirty again. So, with that in mind, I took it upon myself to learn basic iPhone programming and what better way than to define a project? My project was "Bricks".

The disclaimer part: Since this is pretty much my first attempt, I can't comment on this tutorial being a "good approach". All I can say is,  "if I can code for iPhone, you can too" !

Finally, this is not a "from scratch how to code for iphone" tutorial. I assume you know about Xcode, Views, Interface Builder etc.

Monday, October 11, 2010

(OT) A WTF moment

Okay Google. If you don't want me to log in ever again to your service, give it to me on my chin. I'll take it. This is under the belt.