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Sunday, January 16, 2011

(Book Review) Cocos2D – Its raining books, Hallelujah!

Till just a few weeks ago, there were no real books one could read on Cocos2D game programming. While there are an almost infinite number of web tutorials, a book has a different charm - it is usually more structured and hopefully better researched. A few weeks ago, the first book on Cocos2D surfaced, "Learn iPhone and iPad cocos2D game development" by Steffen Itterheim. I bought it on day 1 of its release, and posted my review here. In short, it was well written and, well, the very first book for cocos2D, so it had that first mover advantage.

The other book I am eagerly waiting for is Rod Strougo and Ray Wenderlich's book "Learning Cocos2D". The book is yet to be released, but I get the feeling it will be more 'advanced' than the other available books.

In the mean time, I was contacted by another company, Packt Publishing who sent me an email to review a new book from them: Cocos 2D for iPhone 0.99 - Beginners Guide by Pablo Ruiz.