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We have SIP working on android!

Final update: For folks who are still reaching this post via searches, the [SIPDroid] project took our initial work and have extended it for a full featured application. Instead of downloading our stuff, check them out – their work will be more recent. We (HSC) are not updating our files. Update: April 2 2008: Source code of stack released here Update: Mar 17 2008 See here for a screencast :-) Update: Mar 12 2008 Some other sites linking here seem to be reporting this news with their own verbiage. Lets be specific on what we are doing: We have taken the GPL’d mjsip SIP stack and our objective is to make it work on android (this is mostly a porting activity). We are not writing our own stack. We are not doing any optimizations, etc. The scope is exactly what I wrote – make mjsip work on android, so developers can use the mjsip APIs to build apps in android. It is a very straighforward ‘take from community (GPL/mjsip), give back to community (post ported code back to GPL/mjsip)’ activity. We are targetting to release the port in a week or so… (as-is – as I mentioned the objective is

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