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Total Finder: Total Satisfaction

Every once in a while, I come across a tool that makes a big difference to you doing just small things. When I say ‘small’, I don’t necessary mean ‘simple’. I mean, it is so integrated into another tool that you may already use, that its differences are never in your face, but you feel it all the time. Before I confuse you any more, I am talking about TotalFinder by Antonin Hildebrand an extension to Snow Leopard’s Finder.The Finder is to Snow Leopard what the File Explorer is to Windows. You use it for everything – copying, deleting, finding, mapping drives and what-not. While the OSX finder is in many ways better than File Explorer, I also think it had limitations. Instead of telling you what they are, let me just describe TotalFinder and why I loved it.


IPhone 4 Review

(Updated Jun 30 with iphone 4 bumper strip review) I was one of the 600,000 people who managed to get in their iphone 4 orders on day one, before all the servers collapsed. So anyway, I got my iphone 4 yesterday (Fedex dropped it in at around 11:30 in the morning). Here is my brief review so far: (These are just my observations as a user. For a more indepth review, read Engadet’s iphone 4 review. )


The colors of Google Chrome: A user review

So the rumors of many years ago were true. Google finally did release a browser. Naturally, I downloaded it and took it for a test drive. Here is the short of it. Version reviewed: Google may be rolling out updates regularly (For example, I suddenly see evident popup blocking), so to put it in context, this is the version I am reviewing   Installation: The installer is just around 470K to download, but of course that is the ‘pre-installer’. Once you grab the pre-installer, it downloads the rest of the browser from the net. As of now, in its first release, focus seems to be on super simplicity. It does not even ask you where to install it. I am OK with that, but it really does choose a weird location to install it (in Documents and Settings!) (click on any image to see a full size version)